HKRFID Annual Dinner 2016

The 2016 Annual Dinner, held on December 2nd, was attended by 17 Staff members, including our investor, Henry Ma, our CEO, Richard Chan, and our four founders.


The event started with Richard’s motivational speech to round up the achievements of the Company in 2016, and he thanked all Staff for their hard work especially to the Full-Time members with Richard’s special prizes.  During the dinner, team spirit and cooperation skill were enhanced through group-development activities.

During the dinner, team spirit and cooperation skill were enhanced through group-development activities.  The highlight of the event was Lucky Draw in which our partners have generously sponsored.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors for their big-hearted support.

To thank our loyal Staff, Long Service Awards were presented to members for their outstanding contribution.  The Annual Dinner ended with cheers and wishes for a fruitful year in 2017 for all our Staff and partners.




Hong Kong RFID – RFID On Construction NEWS CUT

We are pleased to be featured in the latest Metro daily newspaper which introducing about how RFID technology is applied to construction industry.

In order to reduce the high building cost because of high salary, limited land, etc. Constructor requires a comprehensive material tracking system and advance building system. In other words, RFID is the only solution which uses Auto-ID to assist and organize the whole building process.

Link to download PDF Version


Hong Kong RFID featured in Metro daily news


Hong Kong RFID – Hong Kong International Building and Hardware Fair

bhf booth

Oct 2015

The 10th Hong Kong International Building and Hardware Fair has just come to the end gratefully. The exhibition has lasted for four days, from 28/10 – 31/10 and has successfully attracted tremendous amount of construction-related visitors and exhibitors worldwide. All participants have benefited from this opportunity to communicate and shared the latest technology that applicable in construction industry.

2015-10-30 15.59.27-1

We are pleased to be invited to hold a talk about the latest technological development in building & construction industry

Internet of Things Ÿ Building (IoTB)

Being the major theme of our exhibition this time, IoTB has successfully drawn numerous attentions from the visitors.

IoTB is a well-designed system which supported by both software (online cloud platform, called BCDS) and hardware (RFID tags and readers).

With embedding RFID tags in pre-production stage, IoTB aims to link all building components such as precast concrete walls, floor panels, aluminum window frames etc. to BCDS online cloud platform.

In order to enhance accuracy and convenience in construction management, IoTB allows users to record production data, monitoring the progress of the construction and obtaining real-time management information such as cost effective indicators, assembly report, etc.

IoBT cap

An online cloud platform for both IoTB and Gearform™



GearForm™ is a cloud-based lifting gear record system that attractive to visitors who need to manage a huge number of lifting gears in construction site. This cloud platform which also provides an auto-alert on the expiry date of those safety forms.


Above are some passive RFID tag can be used in both IoTB and GearForm™ system

Proximity Safety

Worker safety in construction site is another topic that visitors were interested in.

Proximity Safety is an RF fencing technology for worker safety which adopt dual-frequency mode with two distinct frequency bands to provide extra safety level. Adopting Proximity Safety in construction site provides a multi-person, 360° all round and an adjustable protective fencing for both worker and machine.

proximity safety cap

These are the alarm and reader that mount on the vehicle (left) This is the tag that mount on worker’s helmet (right)

Hong Kong RFID is glad to achieve great success in this exhibition. We are looking forward to participating in future exhibition to promote our RFID products and solutions to the public and facilitate exchange of ideas in the industry.

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