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Success in RFID Journal Live! 2013 Exhibition

May  2013

The 11th annual conference and exhibition of RFID Journal Live! 2013 has just completed with great success. The exhibition has lasted for three days and has drawn the attention of tremendous amount of visitors and exhibitors worldwide. Both visitors and exhibitors have made full use of this face to face event to communicate RFID knowledge and share their innovative designs. It is no doubt that this event is highly appreciated by all participants who also received fruitful results from it.

Having been the second year to participate in this world class RFID exhibition, Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is delighted to announce that we have achieved great success throughout the event. Through product displays and demonstrations of various RFID solutions in an innovative manner, attention of visitors has been drawn to our booth.

photo 2

Finalist of Best in Show with Tempcorder™ Active RFID Tag Series

The Tempcorder™ Tag Series with digital sensors for environment monitoring features three tags: Sense Tag for normal temperature monitoring, Moist Tag for relative humidity and temperature monitoring, and Extreme Tag for extreme temperature monitoring of up to 500°C. Together with the Empress™ Active RFID Readers, the Tempcorder™ series can make environment monitoring processes automatic covering an area of 50m radius. Many visitors show great interest in the company’s Best in Show products and leave contact for further cooperation.

NFC app – Tapogram™

photo 1

The company’s newly introduced NFC app, Tapogram™, also drew visitors’ attention. This new mobile app for android phone fully utilizes and turns the unnoticed NFC function of smartphones alive.

Hong Kong RFID is grateful to achieve great success in this year’s event. We are enthusiastic in continuing our participation in diverse events to promote our RFID products and solutions to the public and facilitate exchange of ideas in the industry.


Invited to Seminar In the Oil &Gas Industry

Aug, 2012


HK-RFID is honored to be invited to a recent seminar organized by one of the most famous global group of petrochemicalsand fuel companies to share the latest application and technological developments for utilizing RFID in the fuels/lubricants, engine and vehicle management field with various companies from the construction and fuel industry. One of the highlights of the event is the demonstration of our latest RFID solution – Electronic Fuel Delivery System (EFDS) powered by 2.4GHz active RFID, which is specially designed for the oil and fuel industry to improve business efficiency through automation of the whole operating process.


During the seminar, our representatives have introduced the basic ideas and knowledge behind the system and demonstrated the general operation flow through an interactive approach. Significant positive responses were received. The seminar has achieved great success in bringing and introducing RFID technology into theindustry with its inspiring characteristics and functions compared to the old technology (barcode system) used.

At the end of the seminar, audience were impressed by the innovative application and shown great interests in it while stronger bonding between HK-RFID and the oil industry has been found. It was surely our pleasure to be invited to host the seminar and we are confident to further establish a cooperating relationship with the industry.

Electronic Fuel Delivery System – Simple with Multiple Functions


To operate the system, ID-Tags with unique ID and LED light will be installed on vehicles. When operators choose a specific vehicle for oil injection via Mobile Handheld Reader, the respective LED will light up for identification. The ES-Box installed in the oil truck will then record the starting & stopping time and the injection amount of fuel injection. On the other hand, the operation time of each vehicle will be stored in the Operation Timer connected to the fuse box inside the vehicle. All data in the ES-Box and Operation Timer will be automatically downloaded to the Mobile Handheld Reader, which can then be connected to a PC to generate an efficiency report for further analysis purpose. The whole operation flow of the system is simple, easy and automated!

Success in IOTE 2012, Shenzhen

Aug, 2012


The 4th International Internet of Things Technologies and Application Exhibition, IOTE 2012, has achieved a thrilling closing on 17 August, 2012. This 3-day event is one of the largest exhibitions of its kind in China and Asia, which has provided an excellent showcasing and trading platform for the whole RFID/IOT industry to acquire professional industry information as well as explore business opportunities. With the continuing success over the years, the expo has gained significant acknowledgements and compliments from global exhibitors and visitors.


Having the honor to participate in the show, Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is delighted to achieve great success throughout the event. A whole new experience is brought to visitors in Mainland China through the displays of our latest 2.4 GHz Active RFID series, which is applicable in management from commercial level to heavy industrial level. Other innovative solutions and applications such as the rugged feature of Garrison™ series; compact feature of Hussar™ series and Empress™ active reader series have also been demonstrated to provide visitors with a real product experience while representatives have stayed in the booth to provide detailed explanations and consultancy service. All visitors have gained afruitful experience and knowledge of RFID.

For details about product, please visit this online catalog website.


such a great success in the Shenzhen exhibition, we are enthusiastic to continue participating in diverse events topromote our RFID technology and facilitate exchange of ideas in the industry. In the near future, the Mainland China will be one of the biggest RFID markets that we are going to penetrate. We have been focusing on building up a larger and stronger business network with both suppliers and customers in the area.


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