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Demonstration Videos of Tempcorder™ Tags

July 2013 

The Tempcorder™ Tag series consist of a set of temperature sensing active RFID tags which can be flexibly applied for diverse environment control and monitoring purposes. Each model of tag demonstrates unique features to suit your specific needs. To better illustrate their functionalities, three demo videos are prepared.

The first video features the temperature sensing functionality of Sense Tag. Simulating an environment of both high and low temperature, temperature changes in the surrounding areas of Sense Tag are accurately measured. The data is sent along to the reader and reflected on the PC instantly. High sensitivity and accuracy enable an efficient and reliable temperature control process, which can be flexibly applied in various applications.

Watch video: Tempcorder™ Sense Tag Demonstration

The second video demonstrates the humidity sensing functionality of Moist Tag. When the tag is blown by a hair dryer, Moist Tag detects the humidity changes in the surroundings accurately while the corresponding data is reflected on PC simultaneously. Alternatively, when the tag is covered by wet tissue, Moist Tag functions in a timely manner – detecting humidity changes and sending accurate data to the PC. With Moist Tag, complicated and manual efforts in monitoring humidity level could be saved while accuracy and efficiency could be greatly enhanced.

Watch video: Tempcorder™ Moist Tag Demonstration

The third video showcases the special product design and high sensitivity of Extreme Tag. Equipped with an external probe, Extreme Tag is capable of sensing temperature in extreme conditions or dangerous zones such as railway tracks and mining tunnels. Its probe is placed in contact with extremely hot or cold objects to measure temperature directly in real time while the body of the tag remains at another less extreme environment. The smart design and functionality of Extreme Tag makes the most impossible temperature data capturing not only possible but easy, safe and accurate.

Watch video: Tempcorder™ Extreme Tag Demonstration

More application videos are on our YouTube channel. Please visit the channel:


Application Videos of Hussar™ Tags

May 2013

Hussar™ Tags are best used for people related applications. In order to facilitate your understanding of the application of Hussar™ Tags, we have prepared two video clips.

The first video is about access control. In an office, as staff carrying a Hussar™ tag approaches the entrance, the tag ID is sent to the reader and then to the controller for verification. Once the information is confirmed, the controller would unlock the door automatically. The staff could enter the office without any passwords or keys. The whole process is smooth and fast.

Watch video: Access Control

The second video is about attendance taking. When staff enters the office using the Hussar™ Tags, the system takes the record of the tag ID and time of entrance for attendance taking purposes. Human resources staff only need to retrieve such data from the system to obtain each staff’s attendance records. Complicated and manual procedures in counting time and double-checking records are eliminated to save time and effort.

Watch video: Attendance Taking

More application videos are on our YouTube channel demonstrating how Hussar™ Tags can be applied for people. Please visit the channel:


Garrison™ Application Videos

Feb, 2013

Garrison™ Active Tag series have IP65 protection rating with durable and robust casing that is waterproof and dustproof. These tags are suitable for applications at harsh environment, such as industrial sites and construction areas. The user-friendly mounting design makes fixing the tags onto different objects more convenient. One can use double-sided tape or bolts and nuts to fix the tag firmly onto items. The LED light and tamperproof sensor of the Responsive Tag further enhance the functions provided by Garrison™ Tags.

The first video shows the application of Garrison™ Responsive Tag for advanced asset tracking. Valuable assets should always be tracked closely to prevent any loss. With our Responsive Tag, tracking of any item is simple and easy. The tamperproof sensor can trigger the alarm system whenever there is unauthorized removal of the tag from the asset or once the asset with Responsive Tag is taken out of the area.



Advanced Asset Tracking (Garrison Responsive Tag)

The second video shows how Garrison™ Responsive Tag is used for advanced warehouse management. The large amount of stock at the warehouse makes it difficult to locate a particular item. Even when there is loss of items, it is difficult to discover unless a comprehensive stock-take is held. This greatly increases the costs for many businesses who usually keep a large amount of stock or items in the storage area are identical. Now with our Responsive Tag, locating a particular item out of a thousand is no longer a headache with the special LED light indicator on the tag. The tag can also facilitate tracking of the stock and report to the system whenever there is a loss.



Item Locating (Garrison Responsive Tag)

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