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Jan 2014

tree tagging

Hong Kong RFID Limited, a leading company in the RFID industry, now offers Tree Tagging RFID solution.

There are several thousands of trees in Hong Kong. Monitoring all of them is a big issue. However, it can now be resolved. With the Tree Tagging RFID technology, the tree information, including its identity, location and type, can be identified quickly and efficiently from a remote location.

This technology is very helpful in many ways. By obtaining the tree information, the Fire Services Department can get the tree location when there is a tree falling down; The Highways Department can trim the tree when the tree leaves are blocking the cars; The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department can save the tree when the tree is in poor health condition.

tree tagging 2

This high frequency RFID tree tag follows ISO 15693 (or NFC-V) standard. It can be read by NFC smartphone / mobile devices; it still functions when its full wet. For further specifications of the tree tags, please contact HK-RFID.

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All new Hussar™ Evaluation Kit

May 2013

Hussar™ tag series is designed for various “people” applications – tracking, access control, attendance. Used with a badge or key chain, Slim Tag is the smallest and slimmest active tag which is convenient to be carried around. The Card Plus Tag is in standard smart card size which can accommodate printed labels with more information of the user. It also incorporates both active RFID in 2.4 GHz and passive RFID in 13.56 MHz (NFC) in the same tag, enabling a wider range of applications.

Hussar kit photo

The all new Hussar™ Evaluation Kit includes small quantities of Slim and Card Plus Tags along with a Empress™ Active RFID Reader for simple testing and demonstration. Apart from the hardware components, a SDK (Software Development Kit) is also included for development of customized software. With the demo program in the SDK that lists the tag ID sent from the tags to the reader, a simple real time tracking demonstration can be set up.

More details of the new kit are included in the leaflet here:

We are having a special promotion for the Hussar™ Evaluation Kit. For inquiries on the new Hussar™ Evaluation Kit, please contact us at sales@hk-rfid.com.

New Product Launch: Active RFID All-In-One Enclosure

January, 2013
The Active RFID All-In-One Enclosure (P/N: HKRAA-24E1) is a waterproof box with directional 2.4GHz antenna specially designed to work with our Empress™ Readers for outdoor or harsh environment. Serial port (P/N: HKRAR-EMSP) and power-over Ethernet (P/N: HKRAR-EMPOE) version of the Empress™ Active RFID Reader can be changed to directional reading when used with this all-in-one enclosure. The enclosure provides the reader protection from water and dust as well as a compatible directional antenna to further stretch its reading distance. Maximum reading distance of Empress™ readers with this all-in-one enclosure is around 100m. Sufficient space is also provided inside the enclosure for addition impact-absorbing or shock-resistant material to help reduce physical shocks created to the reader.

More details of this new product can be downloaded here:
[Link for downloading catalogue for HKRAA-24E1]
[PDF file for download: HKRAA-24E1_121127.pdf]

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