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Sense Tag Applications


July 2013

Sense Tag is a useful temperature sensing active RFID tag which is suitable for a wide variety of environment control applications. To facilitate better understanding of Sense Tag and its applications, a new publication is released.

Wherever temperature control is required, sense tag would be the best assistant to help obtain accurate temperature data. Featuring its flexible applications, Sense tag could be attached to various objects such as server racks, walls and stores in most areas using double sided tape or the hole at the top of the tag. Together with an accurate digital sensor, it provides high sensitivity and guarantees reliable temperature measurement.


With Sense Tag, changes of temperature in designated area could be known in real time through the system while corrective actions could be taken instantly. This contributes significantly to higher efficiency and lower costs, especially to industries which temperature monitoring is of extreme importance like data centers and greenhouses. Extra resources are no longer wasted to maintain temperature as it can now be accurately monitored and adjusted accordingly.

Download and read the publication for more details:

 Sense Tag Case Study.pdf


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