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Environment Monitoring in Data Centers


July 2013

Challenges (such as increased processor speed and higher server rack density) have emerged in data center environment control. Yet, most of the solutions to these challenges are temporary and related costs are huge and unavoidable. The latest publication is issued to illustrate a much more sustainable and cost effective solution with our Tempcorder™ tags.

DataCentreCaseCoverThe Tempcorder™ tags – Sense Tag and Moist Tag, possess accurate digital sensors, ensuring temperature and humidity data are measured reliably and automatically. Upon simple installation process of RFID readers and PC with the tags, any changes could be detected and notified for timely adjustments or preventive actions.

With this automatic temperature monitoring system, human errors in measurement as well as wasted energy in cooling system could be greatly saved to lower costs. Better environment management could be achieved at the most cost-effective way now.

Download and read the publication for more details:

Data Centre Case Study.pdf


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