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Demonstration Videos of Tempcorder™ Tags


July 2013 

The Tempcorder™ Tag series consist of a set of temperature sensing active RFID tags which can be flexibly applied for diverse environment control and monitoring purposes. Each model of tag demonstrates unique features to suit your specific needs. To better illustrate their functionalities, three demo videos are prepared.

The first video features the temperature sensing functionality of Sense Tag. Simulating an environment of both high and low temperature, temperature changes in the surrounding areas of Sense Tag are accurately measured. The data is sent along to the reader and reflected on the PC instantly. High sensitivity and accuracy enable an efficient and reliable temperature control process, which can be flexibly applied in various applications.

Watch video: Tempcorder™ Sense Tag Demonstration

The second video demonstrates the humidity sensing functionality of Moist Tag. When the tag is blown by a hair dryer, Moist Tag detects the humidity changes in the surroundings accurately while the corresponding data is reflected on PC simultaneously. Alternatively, when the tag is covered by wet tissue, Moist Tag functions in a timely manner – detecting humidity changes and sending accurate data to the PC. With Moist Tag, complicated and manual efforts in monitoring humidity level could be saved while accuracy and efficiency could be greatly enhanced.

Watch video: Tempcorder™ Moist Tag Demonstration

The third video showcases the special product design and high sensitivity of Extreme Tag. Equipped with an external probe, Extreme Tag is capable of sensing temperature in extreme conditions or dangerous zones such as railway tracks and mining tunnels. Its probe is placed in contact with extremely hot or cold objects to measure temperature directly in real time while the body of the tag remains at another less extreme environment. The smart design and functionality of Extreme Tag makes the most impossible temperature data capturing not only possible but easy, safe and accurate.

Watch video: Tempcorder™ Extreme Tag Demonstration

More application videos are on our YouTube channel. Please visit the channel:


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