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Success in RFID Journal Live! 2013 Exhibition


May  2013

The 11th annual conference and exhibition of RFID Journal Live! 2013 has just completed with great success. The exhibition has lasted for three days and has drawn the attention of tremendous amount of visitors and exhibitors worldwide. Both visitors and exhibitors have made full use of this face to face event to communicate RFID knowledge and share their innovative designs. It is no doubt that this event is highly appreciated by all participants who also received fruitful results from it.

Having been the second year to participate in this world class RFID exhibition, Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is delighted to announce that we have achieved great success throughout the event. Through product displays and demonstrations of various RFID solutions in an innovative manner, attention of visitors has been drawn to our booth.

photo 2

Finalist of Best in Show with Tempcorder™ Active RFID Tag Series

The Tempcorder™ Tag Series with digital sensors for environment monitoring features three tags: Sense Tag for normal temperature monitoring, Moist Tag for relative humidity and temperature monitoring, and Extreme Tag for extreme temperature monitoring of up to 500°C. Together with the Empress™ Active RFID Readers, the Tempcorder™ series can make environment monitoring processes automatic covering an area of 50m radius. Many visitors show great interest in the company’s Best in Show products and leave contact for further cooperation.

NFC app – Tapogram™

photo 1

The company’s newly introduced NFC app, Tapogram™, also drew visitors’ attention. This new mobile app for android phone fully utilizes and turns the unnoticed NFC function of smartphones alive.

Hong Kong RFID is grateful to achieve great success in this year’s event. We are enthusiastic in continuing our participation in diverse events to promote our RFID products and solutions to the public and facilitate exchange of ideas in the industry.


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