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Applications with Hussar™ Tags


May 2013

The Hussar™ series is a set of compact, light-weight and stylish active RFID tags particularly suitable for applications involving people. A detailed publication is released to better illustrate the applications for Hussar™ Tags.

Students, elderly, children, company staff and event participants could all be given a Hussar™ Tag. As a key chain (using Slim Tag) or badge (using Card Plus Tag), the tag gives out its ID periodically while the Empress™ Active RFID Reader picks up these signals and updates the system. With such a mechanism, tracking, access control, attendance taking and much more applications can be achieved.

Hussar case cover

There’s no need to swipe a card or enter a password to enter the building. All you need to do is carry the Hussar™ Tag and walk right through. The human resources department doesn’t have to input and double-check attendance records manually anymore. All they need to do is to ensure every staff carries their Hussar™ Tag. Premium services could be provided to any customer with just a small, key chain size, Hussar™ Tag.

Download and read the publication for more details:

Applications with Hussar™ Tags


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