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Hong Kong RFID established partnership with DISE


January, 2013

DISE is a pioneer in digital signage (a board term that comprises a variety of possibilities for displaying digital information) industry. Since 2005, it has contributed to the overall sales success of thousands of restaurants, retail stores and the entertainment industry by presenting high quality content to viewers with digital signage.

Digital signage and RFID technology from DISE and HK-RFID blended together to produce the interactive fitting solution in which RFID tags on different items in a fashion store would communicate with the reader installed at the display system to trigger interactive display contents for inducing more purchases. Customers are also given RFID tags for inputting information on their preferences like color, texture and style into the system. The digital signage would show a personalized selection of fashion items that matches the customer’s preference or the item the customer is trying.

With the partnership between DISE and HK-RFID, we will continue to explore opportunities in utilizing RFID technology for innovative applications.


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