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Forthcoming Product: Empress Active RFID Reader EM02


January 2013
Hong Kong RFID is going to introduce a new product to our Empress™ Reader family: EM02. Empress EM02 (P/N: To be confirmed) is our second generation Empress™ Reader.
Several improvements are added on our EM02:

The metal case of the Empress™ reader will be changed to lighter and more durable plastic casing. The panel at the side of the reader is now located on the top side for more convenient operation. This new reader will be more stylish with more user-friendly design.
Gain setting is a traditional function provided by our Empress Readers. Now our Empress EM02 will provide a new function, showing signal strength. With our Hussar™, Garrison™ or Tempcorder™ tags, the new EM02 reader provides much more information for different applications.

Hong Kong RFID also plans to launch different application services and upgrades to keep pace with the improvements in RFID technology for this EM02 new reader in the future. Please look forward to the details of the EM02 new reader and its many new functions to come upon its launch date.



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