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Application of Tempcorder Tag Series


Nov, 2012

There are hundreds of servers packed in a server room. Malfunctioning may occur if any of them is overheated and cause network down time. Down time of the network may cause huge losses to companies. Sense Tag can be adopted to prevent these losses by providing instant temperature data for immediate actions.

In industrial sites, extremely hot liquid should be under close monitoring to avoid potential danger caused to workers and the environment. Some train components would become extremely hot during operation. If these components are overheated, malfunctioning and danger might be caused. Extreme Tag which is capable for sensing extreme temperatures can be installed to prevent these hazards from occurring.

In museums, priceless paintings and statues should be taken care of properly to avoid any damage. In law firms and banks, important original documents have to be stored at places with good ventilation to protect the interests of clients. Moist Tag can be applied to control the humidity of the environment in these cases to ensure proper protection.

To read more about the applications mentioned above, download the latest Tempcorder Case Study here:  Tempcorder Case Study.pdf


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