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Collaboration with Axper to Provide Vision Intelligent on People Counting


OCT, 2012

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has announced an exclusive distributorship appointment for Axper products in September 2012. The collaboration between Axper Inc. and Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is unprecedented and believed to embark on a journey beyond success. Clients in both Hong Kong and China region can now enjoy Axper’s advanced vision-based counting system and related products with HK-RFID’s professional and knowledgeable services.

7The latest camera model “Vision II” provides a highly automated and accurate people counting solution in a large 3D space. The device is highly sensitive and can offer between 96% to 100% accuracy in distinguishing people only and other disturbances when compared to other people counting technologies. It can also work seamlessly with POS, attendance and asset management systems to accurately track visitors or customers who come in and out of the shop.

8Together with “Performance Plus”, a cloud-base traffic analytic application,
users can now monitor retail points around the globe as well as quickly assess
potential business opportunities, which allow planning of clear and measurable strategies. Overall speaking, the advanced intelligent technology will help significantly improve company’s strategic planning and management.
“RFID solution has never been so complete, until we have Vision! We look
forward to a long and productive relationship with Axper Inc.” said Francis Tai, Partnership Director of Hong Kong RFID Ltd.

About Axper

9Axper is the expert in people counting systems and analysis. Since the early 80’s, the Axper team has acquired expertise working closely with North American retailers, mall developers and public building management. Axper offers high quality, accurate traffic counting systems, user-friendly analytic software and methodology, which results in a high return on investment. All of Axper products and services are supported by professional installation, integration, training and consulting services.


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