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Launch of Moist HKRAT-HT02 tag and Extreme tag HKRAT-PT02


OCT, 2012

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is delighted to announce the launch of two latest products – Moist HKRAT-HT02 and Extreme HKRAT-PT02, to its Tempcorder 2.4GHz active RFID tag family. With the newly added functionalities and powerful design, flexibility in temperature monitoring applications is greatly enhanced for effective and efficient uses in environment control and hazard prevention.
Apart from their excellent readability and reliability as usual, each tag demonstrates unique features to provide users the most flexibility in applying tags on different objects as well as in any harsh environment.

Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02


Specially designed to be equipped with an accurate humidity sensor of up to 1% resolution and wireless function, Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02 can measure humidity range from 0 – 100% and send humidity data along with the tag ID to the reader and then to the central server periodically, empowering accurate and timely data for strict environment control and monitoring applications.

Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02


Equipped with an external probe, Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02 can detect a wide temperature range of –200°C to +500°C. To ensure accurate measurements and safety uses, a separation design is adopted in which the probe can be placed in contact with objects that are extremely hot while the body of the tag remains at another location that is of less extreme temperature. Possibility of explosive damages of battery or inaccurate detection can be avoided. Apart from regular delivery of data to central server, alarm will be triggered as a warning when temperature in a location reaches an unusual level, so that immediate actions can be taken to prevent the occurrence of dangerous hazards.

The Best Choice for Environment Control and Hazard Preventions

To meet diverse environment needs, the two new tags can be used as a monitoring and control device in a variety of fields for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications, greenhouses, warehouses, libraries, railway stations as well as for hazards prevention. Both Moist Tag and Extreme Tag are ideal for applications where exact measurement of humidity and temperature is of decisive importance yet the location is unreachable or dangerous for human being.

Catalogue Files for Download HKRAT-HT02    HKRAT-PT02


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