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Elderly Visit on the Mid-Autumn Festival


OCT, 2012

On 22nd September, our team of volunteers participated in the “Mid-Autumn Elderly Visit” organized by The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon. The aim of this visit was to show respect, love and care towards the olds whom have poured their lifetime effort in building the city we live in now. Through delivering moon cakes and celebrating the Mid-autumn Festival with them, we hope they can feel the warmth and blessing from the society as well as the joyful atmosphere of the festival.


Being awarded the Caring Company logo, Hong Kong RFID Ltd. always believes the company has the responsibility to contribute and help build a better society. Over the years, HK-RFID has been enthusiastic in participating as well as encouragingour staff to join various volunteer activities andlend a helping hand to those in need. It has been the second year for HK-RFID to participate in this meaningful event. The volunteering team is delighted and satisfied to see the happy faces on the elderly they have visited during the event.


With the success of the event, not only the elderly we have visited have enjoyed a happy weekend morning and fruitful Mid-autumn Festival celebration, our team of volunteers has also gained a rewarding experience. HK-RFID grabs any opportunities to organize and participate in the community service as well as further fulfill our mission in contributing to the community.



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