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School Attendance System with 2.4GHz Hussar Card


May, 2012


RFID technology has been applied in attendance system in the recent year. However, there are still some limitations such as the information visualization of RFID tag and short reading coverage. Our least active RFID product Hussar will help to optimize the school attendance system.

The Operation of the system

RFID School attendance system saves manual paper administration and management work. As it is a web based tracking system, the attendance of students and teachers who carry a Hussar 2.4 GHz Active RFID Tag (CT02/CT02+) can be easily obtained. Reports about absenteeism and lateness to school could be generated automatically as well. As long as a browser and a real time online screen is present the time, place and photo of student entering a specific room in the school can be easily retrieved with a few clicks.

Features of Hussar Card 2.4GHz Active RFID Tag


Smart Card size

RFID tag has been commonly served as an identity card in school attendance system but the size of it restricts the visualization of personal information. The traditional tag is small in size and therefore it may only allow basic personal information. To cover this limitation our company introduces a smart card size active RFID tag and it can be fit to ISO card sticker. Personal information such as photos, address and contact number can be added for identification purpose. This unique design can accommodate the need of more information visualization.

Long and flexible reading zone

The Active reader can be installed at different places in the school. The reading distance can be adjusted from <1meter to 50 meters. School can manipulate a specific reading zone. For example, reader can be installed at school entrance, when teachers and students with tag across the entrance, their attendance can be obtained. Or reader can be installed in classroom to collect the class attendance. Redundant manual checking process can be therefore minimized.

Multi-tag identification, anti-collision

Hussa reader can read 100 tags simultaneously without interference with 2.4GHz network. Every tag has a unique tag ID therefore duplication will not exist. The accuracy of the system is very high.

Low power consumption

Hussar active tag is small with replaceable battery. The battery life is estimated 2 years. With such low power consumption, the operation cost of the system can be thus reduced.

For Hussar 2.4 GHz active tag CT02+, it shares the similar feature of CT02 but it also support NFC RFID technology. It is preferable for school who has already adopted NFC technology.

The adoption of RFID School Attendance system will enhance efficiency in school management and put parents at ease as they can check the time and attendance of their kids conveniently.


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