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HKRFID Speaking in Seminar – Tech-SME We Stand Ready to Support


Oct, 2010


On October 5, a talk named Tech-SME We Stand Ready to Support was organized by Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC), the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The Operation Director of Hong Kong RFID Ltd., Mr. Mike Fung, was honorably invited to be the guest speaker for sharing his successful application and utilization of the SERAP funding.

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. was an eligible recipient of SERAP funding and utilized the funding to implement efficient and effective corrosion monitoring in buildings using wireless sensor technology. This technological breakthrough overcomes many traditional problems such as false results and unexpected life estimation of sacrificial anode.

In the talk, Mr. Fung emphasized many benefits of the SERAP funding. It enhances the flexibility of company funding as it directly invests in the projects. Also, SERAP is very cautious throughout the entire application process. In other words, the projects will have a greater possibility of success for the successful applicants.

Last but not least, Mr. Fung shared a few tips for interested parties. Keeping a close contact with ITC managers is critical because they always provide useful advice. In addition, keeping an eye on the trend of the government policies and technology development is another useful way for filing a successful application.

Mr. Fung, representing Hong Kong RFID Ltd., would like to deliver his appreciation towards the effort of ITC and wish luck for all the applicants.


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