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Russia TV “NTV” interviewed Hong Kong RFID Ltd.


June, 2010

In the interview, Mr. Fung talked about his company, shared a lot of his R&D experiences and also introduced many innovative applications of RFID technology including jewelry management and Sushi Hygiene monitoring.


As each tag carries a unique ID, the RFID reader detects a certain amount of tags each time and shows their ID in a software interface. Therefore you can easily know how many and which jewelry items there are instantly.

Many Hong Kong people enjoy eating Japanese Sushi. A RFID tag would be attached the bottom of a sushi dish and the time the sushi dish leaves the kitchen would be recorded in the system when the tag is being read by the reader as the dish passes through it. As per scheduled, the ¨expired〃 sushi dishes would be removed from the conveyor belt. Customers then can enjoy fresh sushi all the time. The waiter can sum up the bill by simply pressing a button on the handheld reader to read all tags on the dishes at the customersˇ table.

Mr. Fung shared some more interesting topics during the interview. This interview is to be broadcasted in a TV series ¨Hi-Technology in Hong Kong.〃 For further details about the interview, please refer to the announcements of NTV.


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