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EMPRESS 2.4GHz Active RFID Reader Launched (P/N: HKRAR-EMWF)


June, 2010

Hong Kong RFID is glad to offer the all new EMPRESS(TM) 2.4GHz Active RFID Reader, Order Code: HKRAR-EMWF. This powerful reader can work independently, and is an ideal solution for long range identification. This reader has many advantages that you have ever imagined.


Low Installation Cost

EMPRESS(TM) Reader is wireless and therefore is easy to install with low installation costs as it avoids cabling work. Since HKRAR-EMWF can connect through existing Wi-Fi infrastructure in the project, it saves the cost of mounting cable, routers and switches.


Fast Implementation

As the reader can operate without cable, user can implement the whole RFID system in an efficient way. Once powered, the HKRAR-EM series is instantly connected and become part of the network. User can use less cable to run the whole operation system.

Diversified Applications

EMPRESS(TM) Reader is suitable for reading different Active tags and sensors. We provide different types of Active tag for different usages and applications. For example, Hussar(TM), a Small Active tag for attaching to people; Garrison(TM), a Rugged Active tag for industrial applications and Tempcorder(TM), a Temperature Active tag for environmental monitoring.

There are many benefits of EMPRESS Reader; users can customize the usage by developing their own software system.


  • Automated system
  • Long Range identification
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Access Control
  • Asset Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Locating and Tracking system
  • Industrial Application
  • Construction Site Management
  • Special Features:
  • Wi-Fi network
  • Peer to peer communication
  • Sensitive to Active RFID tag
  • Long Range Identification
  • Work as a access point in AP mode

Read more about our Active RFID System in the Solution Page.

For more information on our active products, please contact us at sales@hk-rfid.com


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