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Hussar Tag Launched – the Slimmest 2.4GHz Active Tag


May, 2010

A number of best-in-class retailers are using or are planning to use RFID to improve in-store asset-tracking efficiency or other management aspects such as supply chain management, inventory management and customer relationship management, etc.


Hussar Tag (Model: HKRAT-NT2) is small in size, and is easy to carry around with its key fob design. It has great RFID performance but of low cost. This makes Hussar Tag the best choice for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Apart from CRM, Hussar Tag could be used in different applications such as long distance item identification, item locating and tracking, access control, automation system, personnel and vehicle management and much more.


Hussar Active Tag has the following features:

  • Compact Size, with keychain design
  • Battery replaceable
  • Dimension: 52mm x 30mm x 4.5mm


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

There are a number of ways that RFID could be used to reward and provide superior service to VIP customers. One method is customer identification. An example is in the banking industry. The customer would be issued an active RFID tag which would be detected by an active reader at the entrance when this customer reaches the reading zone of about 10m. The appropriate bank representative is immediately notified electronically, and could greet and assist the customer immediately upon his arrival.

Without prior notice or queuing up, staffs come to greet you by name and lavish you with attention when you walk into a bank or store. This would certainly enhance your sense of belonging and loyalty to that bank/store. This is a perfect solution for private clubs, nightclubs, golf courses and many other institutions where customers are valued assets.

Knowing your customers well would eventually lead to better customer services. The Hussar Tag could be facilitated with system and database to retrieve customer information such as recent shopping records. Such information could be consolidated for investigation of customers shopping habits and act as reference and data for future product or service launch.

Hussar Tag with its small size, stable and impressive performance along with our active readers comprises an excellent, extendable CRM system.
Read more Active RFID System in Solution Page.

For more information on our active products, please contact us at sales@hk-rfid.com.


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