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“RFID Applications in Air Freight Forwarding Industry” – A Seminar in Hong Kong Polytechic University


April, 2010

In January 2010, Hong Kong RFID Ltd. was glad to be invited to a seminar organized by Hong Kong Polytechnic University, ¨Enhancing the competitiveness of the Hong Kong Air Freight Forwarding industry Using RFID and Software Agent Technologies〃.

Hong Kong is a leader in international air cargo processing. To maintain its long-term competitiveness, there is a strong need for Hong Kong to invest in applied research on advanced air freight forwarding services.

With the collaboration ofHong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Ltd. (HAFFA),the most representative air freight forwarding association in Hong Kong with over 300 companymembers,Hong Kong Polytechnic Universityproposesto investigate the use of RFID and software agent technologies to enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong’s air freight forwarding industry.

In particular, Hong Kong Polytechnic University will develop a basic RFID Radio Frequency Identification-based air cargo processing system and employ software agents to facilitate the important task of flight planning. Extensive tests or pilot runs using real air cargo items will be conducted with its industrial partners. Hong Kong RFID is one of the research projectˇs partner and sponsor. We provided technical support and RFID equipment to assist in the project.

The seminar was held to report on the projectˇs research findings so far and induce discussions among industry representatives on the topic. Our Business Development Director, Mr. Craig Jo was the representative to introduce the RFID applications in logistic and warehouse management as well as the Air Freight Forwarding industry in the seminar. RFID equipments help to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of warehouse operations. We believe that RFID technology will play an important role in futureair freight forwarding operations.


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