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Mini-IQ02 Jewellery Reader (HKRHR-IQ02)


Jan., 2010

HK-RFID is glad to introduce you our light-weight Jewellery Reader, HKRHR-IQ02. It is the most stable and reliable reader in RFID market. Besides, it has good multi-reading ability and high flexibility suitable for different applications.

The HKRHR-IQ02 High Frequency Bulk Reader uses 13.56MHz frequency and supports ISO15693 standard. Its low power consumption characteristic makes it very reliable even after long hour operation. The HKRHR-IQ02 has good anti-collision ability which reads 70 to 100 tags per reading. It has signaling ability using power LED, reading LED, and beep on board.

Its versatility allows flexibility and efficiency for applications with different configurations. The system devices use a serial interface which could be connected to a PC. Standard antenna size is 300mm x 400mm. Customized antenna is also available.

Another 4-watt jewellery reader (HKRHR-IQ04) has higher RFID performance. It has excellent anti-collision ability which reads around 100 to 150 tags per reading even for small jewellery tags. However, when compared to the HKRHR-IQ04; HKRHR-IQ02 has its own characteristics and advantages. It is smaller in size, lighter and more cost effective. Also, it is suitable for desktop document and small items management less than 50 items.

See Jewellery RFID Solution Page for more detail.

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