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NEW product launched, Ultra-LONG Range High Frequency Reader (HKRHR-7028)


April, 2009

Hong Kong RFID is glad to offer an advanced High Frequency (HF) RFID Reader, HKRHR-7028. This smart reader can work independently, and is an ideal solution for reading multiple tags, which used to be piling up for reading, at one time. Such situation is most often found in jewellery applications, inventory management, and document/books tracking.


HKRHR-7028 is an ultra-long range HF Handheld Reader for multi-tag reading. It is designed for long range reading and heavy duty inventory reading between 20cm to 30cm (credit card size tag). The powerful antenna on the light weight hand-held of only 210g is offered in 13.56MHz complying ISO15693 and ISO18000-3 protocol. It contains a simple button with useful embedded functions such as counting, sorting, filtering & searching. It also supports Bluetooth and USB interface, which can works well with a notebook or PDA to provide more advanced functions such as writing or other applications.

HKRHR-7028 is best for document management such as library applications, inventory management as well as jewellery management.

It can be used for library management application as a way to improve the management of important document files. It improves the tracking of books and documents so that the books can be quickly located and the document workflow more easily tracked.

Each file/book could tagged with a label that contains a unique ID and related information. When the reader is put near or passed through the tags swiftly; this smart reader would show the tag information accurately within seconds. Also, it can read RFID tags simultaneously even if items are in a stack.

RFID technology offers unique possibilities to the challenges faced by the jewelry industry. Being capable of handling simultaneous multi-scan capabilities means jewellery items would not be manually accounted item by item. With HKRHR-7028 in place, jewellery could be scanned and detected in batches all at once. It also implies the feasibility of running real-time monitoring of jewellery goods every day of the week, thereby heightening security throughout the whole process.

Besides, our reader could assist users in accurately managing supply levels, monitoring expired products and tracking product usage. It is suitable for inventory tracking systems, not only reducing inaccuracies of inventory but also simplifing the inventory management process. It has a fast tag processing speed that can read many pieces of items at a time. It is suitable across retail, medical and transportation industries, companies who are in need of insights to the location and current state of inventory at the item-level.


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