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A Speech of RFID Application for Jewellery Industry & Food Safety


Feb 2009

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. (HK-RFID) has always been active in the developing innovative RFID applications. In order to promote the technological innovations and wide adoption of RFID technologies, HKRFID participated a speech in the Exchange @ Science Park for Technology Community in February 2009. The theme of the workshop is Technology Collaboration on Emerging RFID Technologies and Applications. HK-RFID presented on RFID applications for Jewellery Industry and Food Safety.


One of the successful examples in the jewllery industry is our RFID jewellery management system (JMS), Xapphire. This RFID-enabled JMS has proven to be a powerful tool for wholesaling, inventory checking and internal logistics operations.

This system is especially useful the large scale jewellery tradeshows. Normally, jewellery exhibitors would attend exhibitions every month. They would bring 6000 to 10000 jewellery items to the shows. This induces many check in/out and stock taking issues. Reading barcodes for stock taking could be slow and this problem is even more visible when stock taking process is frequent and real time inventory information is required.

Xapphire has gained wide acceptance by local jewellers and manufacturers. Also the jewellery tags could store product information such as prices, name of designer etc. Quotation time and hence sales cycle could be shortened during the show.

On the other hand, RFID help tighten and control food safety standards. By using RFID, people can keep track of ingredient origins and ensure freshness of frozen food.

RFID could be applied in Food Supply Chain Management. They can have better control over the source, storage, picking, packaging and logistics. With RFID tagged pallets and carton boxes, the goods in each container can be registered and the goods in transit between suppliers and overseas destinations could be monitored at all times.

With RFID, people can find the advantages of traceability, the benefits are as follow:
– Quality control and product recall
– Control of logistical flows
– Commercial advantage and brand awareness
– Consumer awareness
– Accountability/reduced liability
– Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

In retail applications, sushi bars can be an example. With RFID tagged sushi dish, people can access product information by using RFID reader such as the place of origin, the source of supplier and manufacture date. Also, they can have better quality control such as better time management on food in order to improve hygiene problem. It brings better inventory management as well. For example, sales and net inventory per day are known.

In coming years, after the successful sushi bar system to ensure the freshness of sushi, HKRFID starts developing active RFID system for cross border food chain monitoring and control. Hong Kong RFID is seeking business / technology partners for these potential RFID applications.


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