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HK-RFID and Intelleflex Joint to Deliver Battery-Assisted Passive RFID solutions


Nov., 2008


Typical passive RFID systems may face several limitations such as shorter reading range as comparing with powered system and certain degree of interference from water and metal. In some cases, we realize what our customers need is a ¨SUPER〃 passive RFID system, therefore HKRFID partners with Intelleflex to deliver their patented Battery-Assisted Passive RFID technologies.

Intelleflexˇs Battery-Assisted Passive RFID is compatible to typical passive system, they extend the capabilities of regular passive RFID far beyond its standard capacity. At a cost that is just a fraction of active RFID tags, battery-assisted passive RFID provides significantly increased reading range, extended memory on the tag, and increased security and data protection. By integrating Intelleflexˇs RFID system, customer can still enjoy all the benefits of regular battery-less RFID and get the performance of an powered active RFID. By their innovative approach, HK-RFID can now enhance capability and provide solutions to customers in many areas;

Applications: human tracking, asset control, special goods tracking

Brief introduction to Intelleflex

Intelleflex specialize in battery-assisted passive RFID technology. They offer Extended Capability RFID tracking solutions and products for use in many industries. They have developed comprehensive RFID tracking systems for use in yard management, tracking reusable transport items, personnel monitoring, and other high value asset tracking applications. Their RFID systems are also used in hot mix asphalt and harvest operations tracking.



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