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Hong Kong RFID Announces Partnership with Syncroft Solutions


07 Nov, 2008


Hong Kong RFID Ltd. and Syncroft Solutions, a global solution provider, today announced an partnership agreement for jewellery management system in India.
With the rapidly growing of jewellery industry, the agreement bewetten Hong Kong RFID Ltd. and the Syncroft Solution is well-timed in offering significant advantages to both parties. With the revolutionary RFID jewellery system, the efficiency of jewellery stock taking and management is greatly improved. With the RFID system, 90% of time for stock taking is saved and the accuracy of inventory is enhanced. It is also particularly helpful in tradeshow.

Interactive quotation is enabled so to facilitate the business transaction. Commenting on Mr. Mike Fung, the Project Coordinator, stated: “In today’s competitive jewellery industry, there is a need to implement numerous systems to work broadens our project capabilities and market reach in the region and enables us to increase the benefits we provide to our customers. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with the Syncroft Solution.”

About the Syncroft Solutions

Syncroft specializes in providing latest wireless, web-based and RFID technology for industries like Supply Chain, Education, Banking & Insurance, Retail & Warehousing etc.

They provide complete RFID and Embedded solutions to improve business efficiency or generate additional revenue. They create end to end solutions in RFID, Embedded and Software to deliver both off-the shelf solutions as well as complete consultancy and project delivery for customized solutions.



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