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Being interviewed by Live Tech HK


02 Nov. 2008

Our Project Consultant Mr. Mike Fung has the honor of being invited by the well-know website, Live Tech HK. Live Tech HK is a local website that provides a platform for local techies as well as the public to exchange news, ideas and ask questions about current technology issues. The website has its own crew which would report the latest news and development in the technology field. As people are more and more aware of RFID technology, our company, being the pioneer in the field is invited to share our experience and opinion on RFID technology development.

Mr. Mike Fung, our companyˇs Project Consultant, has much implementation experience in RFID projects as well as doing researches in the field. In the interview with Live Tech HK, Mr. Fung explained what RFID technology is and its applications. He also shared his view on hardware development and doing researches in Hong Kong in the interview.

Again, this is a chance for our company to promote to the public what RFID is and what it can do for them to enhance operation flows. Our company not only is a RFID hardware provider and designer, we see ourselves as a media in which RFID can be promoted to the people in Hong Kong and around the would. We would continue doing so in the years to come.

Please refer to the following link for the interview (in chinese):



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