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Invited to be speaker in Cost Controlling Seminar for Construction Project Contractors


Oct. 2008

Hong Kong RFID has put in great effort in exploring new applications with RFID technology for different industries. The construction industry is one of the industries we have been working closely in for the last few months.

Having experience in implementing construction related projects with the Housing Authority (HA) and MTR Corp., we were invited to share our knowledge and expertise in cost effective solutions for the construction industry using RFID technology with various construction project contractors. The seminar, organized mainly by Hong Kong Productivity Council, had the theme of construction site monitoring and cost saving for construction projects.

In the seminar, we introduced our solution of monitoring pre-casts throughout the logistics process by embedding a RFID tag which is suitable for attaching to metal directly and is resistance to harsh environment. With a hand held reader, information regarding production date, location and serial number of the pre-cast can be retrieved from the tag. This tag would also be of great help for future maintenance.

Apart from sharing our experience, we also proposed innovative applications which might be suitable for the construction industry to inspire the participants in applying RFID for their projects. We received very positive feedbacks from the participants and they expressed great interest in cooperation in the future.

Hong Kong RFID is honored to be invited to the seminar and hopes this opens more business opportunities for is in the construction industry.


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