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Invited to give seminar on RFID technology for MTR Corp.


July 2008

On 23rd July this year, our colleagues are honored to be invited to MTR Corp.’s headquarter to give a seminar to their staff on RFID technology. RFID technology has attracted spotlight in the recent years, yet not many people know what the technology is about and most importantly, how to apply the technology. Being a pioneer in the industry, we are more than glad to share our professional knowledge.

Participant of the seminar are MTR staff from different departments ranging from Safety, Ticketing, and Asset Management to Property and Marketing. During the seminar, Mr. Craig Jo, Business Development Director and Mr. Freddie Leung, Account Manager, provided not only basic knowledge of RFID technology, but new ideas of how RFID can be applied in MTRˇs operations. At the end of the seminar, interesting ideas were raised and Mr. Jo and Mr. Leung had a great discussion with MTR’s staff. The seminar succeeded in clarifying usual misunderstandings people have for RFID, introducing the characteristics and functions of different RFID equipment, and inspiring innovative applications with RFID technology.

MTR Corp. is one of our esteemed clients which we maintained a very good relationship with. It was surely our pleasure to be invited to host the seminar. We thank MTR Corp. for having confidence in our professional knowledge and trusting us with the responsibility of educating their staff about RFID. With sincerity, we hope Hong Kong RFID and MTR Corp. continue a sustainable and harmony business relation.


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