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Xapphire Shines in Hong Kong Jewellery and Watch Trade Fair


June, 2008


Since the launch of our renowned Jewellery Management System (JMS) – Xapphire™, the application of RFID-enabled JMS has been focused on wholesaling, inventory checking and internal logistics operations.

In the Hong Kong Jewellery & Watch Trade Fair, successfully held this year in June, Waddy Jewellery Group, a leading manufacturer and exporter of fine jewellery, extended their use of Xapphire™ from backend operation to the trade fair. While visitors were impressed with Waddy’s display of elegant and fine jewellery products, they were also amazed by Waddy’s proficient use of smart ID tags which are attached on the jewellery items.

Waddy has tagged over 5000 jewellery items with J08 tags inside 100 trays. After each exhibition day, Waddy would scan their stock by putting the tray on the reader swiftly one by one. Within 5 minutes, all items were identified with 100% accuracy.

“It greatly reduced our time and effort spent on stock taking before and after exhibitions.” said Waddy’s spokesman. If barcodes were used instead, it would take 1 full team and half a day just to do preliminary counting, but now with Xapphire™, the time is reduced enormously. Now, Waddy has more time, and that means more resources are available for doing sales and marketing, and serving customers.

Apart from Waddy, other Xapphire™, some advance users like KTL, KARP, Sunlight, etc., have tried smart-labels useful and can be easily integrated into their own ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. The payback period and return on investment (ROI) is very optimistic, allowing easy satisfaction of goal to enhance efficiency and profitability.

More about Xapphire JMS


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