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Smaller than a Paperclip, New Jewellery Tag Launched


June, 2008


After the popular use of J08 Smart Tag (Order P/N: HKRHT-J08), a lighter version of J08 is successfully developed in response to growing market demand. Hong Kong RFID is glad to announce the launch of a new Smart Tag for our jewellery management system – J09 (Order P/N: HKRHT-J09).

Embracing the concept of simplicity being beauty, J09 features ultra small and simple design. The smaller tag implies that Jeweler can “Slap and Fold” the smart tag into their existing price tags, to form their own distinctive smart price tags. The pressure sensitive adhesive side also makes it easy for sticking on any materials.

After the successful launch of the previous 6th generation smart tag, J08 is popular for its high reliability and good sensitivity. J09 posses the pros of the former version but provides the best solution using the same design but optimizing the use of light weight material.

After several generations of jewellery tag using ISO15693 and 13.56MHz, J09 is already our 7th generation. Hong Kong RFID has dedicated to design better tags for our jeweler clients over years.

J09 has the following features:

  • 10x26mm, smaller than a paperclip, the smallest jewellery tag compact but not sacrificing reading range
  • One side with pressure sensitive adhesive, easy for sticking on any price tag
  • Most economic pricing, best for one-off usage
  • Simple and compact structure
  • Can be easily embedded into any price tags in the market
  • Can be rewritable, reusable if well preserved by user

If recycling and reusing of tag appears necessary to some users, HKRHT-J08 and other models are recommended. Please contact us for deciding which tag best fit your application.

The product is available from June 2008.


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