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One more successful implementation -The KTL Group


Nov. 2007

Facing the rapidly growth, in order to sustain the competitive advantages in jewellery industry, the KTL Group is well-timed in implementing the Jewellery management system. With the revolutionary RFID technology, the efficiency of jewellery stock taking and management can be maximized. 90% of time for stock taking is saved and the accuracy of inventory is greatly enhanced. Not only stock taking management, the system is also particularly useful in tradeshow. Interactive quotation is enabled so to facilitate the business transaction.

Commenting on Mr. Mike Fung, the Project Coordinator, stated: “In today’s competitive jewellery industry, they are having stock-taking every months and weeks. They are used to spend a lot of time and effort in this process. There is a need to implement a system to increase the efficiency. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with the KTL Group.”

About the KTL Group

KTL has been serving all jewellery traders in the world for 20 years. Its offices distribute in Hong Kong, China, USA and Italy. Their factory in China produces no less than 9,500,000 pieces of jewellery each year. With the effort of R&D, they insist on original design; establish long term research and development plans for the goal of achievement. KTL brings international brands into China, with full potential development backup plus economic of scale. With well management and high quality of standard production, it has achieved the global standard of international brands, the core value of fine jewelry and the trust of European brands and world-class designers.

For details, please visit: www.ktl.com.hk
Should you have any enquiries about cooperating with us, please contact our partnership manager at partnership@hk-rfid.com
Successful implementation in the KTL Group

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has fully successful implemented a jewellery management system in the KTL Group. The system is mainly applied in the wholesaling. It maximizes the efficiency of stock taking process so to save a lot of mandate, time and effort. Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has already been implemented many successfully cases. It is expected that the application of RFID technology in jewellery system would be a new trend in the coming future.


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