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RFID in the Jewellery Industry into two anniversaries


November, 2007

Jewellery Management System is an innovative and successful application by Hong Kong RFID Ltd. In these two years, the number of its partners in Jewellery Management System have been promptly grown worldwide. More and more systems have been successfully implemented. In order to share the amazing of RFID jewellery system to the world, video demos have been uploaded on the website.

Time is one of the main concerns of Jewellers. Most jewellery wholesalers participate in minimum of 10 global tradeshows or fairs annually. Prior to employing RFID technology, wholesalers used barcodes when stock-taking, taking around 4 days to prepare the thousands of jewelleries needed at each fair. The Jewellery Management System is designed to trickle these problems. With this application, the problem of time loss is eliminated and stock taking time is dramatically decreased from 4 days to only half an hour. How amazing!

Besides, Jewellers are looking for an efficient product-tracking method that provides item-level identification all through their value chain: from production, wholesaling and distribution to selling in retail shops. They have special requirements of the tags, such as small, reusable, reliable, good appearance and etc. Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has designed a series of tags which could fulfill different needs of Jewellers. Within a few second, more than 100 tags could be read with 2 to 3 seconds. In stock-taking, trays may place more than 50 jewelries. Our reader would definitely raise efficiency in many processes, like stocking taking, POS and etc.

Now you may watch the Jewellery Management System video demo online. Please visit our website for more details. We always welcome competent companies to be our partners. For partnership enquiries, please feel free to send an e-mail to us: partnership@hk-rfid.com

More about Jewellery Management Solution


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