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“Real” mobilized UHF Handheld reader has been launched


October, 2007

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. announces that the UHF handheld reader is available now. It is an all-in-one “real” mobilized industrial grade reader. It has excellent performance in the reading range and multi-reading ability. Also with different accessories, it has high level of flexibility that could support UHF or HF and have different combinations of devices and systems.

Fits on the palm of your hand, it has great mobility that you could bring it to anywhere. Unlike other UHF handheld readers, it is very light and portable. It supports Bluetooth and enables mobile-phone communication with very handy and convenient design. With the PDA-like user-friendly keypad and touch screen input, it is very easy to install and operate. Inter-connectivity enables high speed transfer of data from handheld to station.

The reader has excellent performance in both reading range and multi-reading ability. It is able to read a tag out of more than 4m. Also, within a few seconds, more than 20 tags could be read. “This reader would certainly bring great success in many industries which apply RFID technologies” said Mike Fung, the Project Consultant. “I have no doubt that this reader will deliver value beyond our current expectations and prove to be the catalyst of major rollouts in South Asia and beyond.”

One of the most distinct features is the great flexibility on equipment. Besides the embedded barcode reader, with different combinations of peripherals, lots of combinations could be formed. It can fully support UHF 900MHz and HF 13.56MHz reader modules. It is also able to connect with GPS, POS Cradle, car cradle, Bluetooth printer and etc. With different combinations, you now only need one reader to tackle problems in different applications and situations.

The reader is able to provide higher quality service for many industries and applications, such as retails POS, logistics, ticketing, billing, document management, pharmaceutical, hospital, access control, inventory management, assets monitoring, manufacturing process control, anti-counterfeit, etc.

There are several demo videos available for you. Please contact our consultants.


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