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Hong Kong RFID attends celebration of 5th Anniversary of Hong Kong Science Park


July, 2007

On 13th July, Hong Kong Science Park had its 5th Anniversary celebration in its headquarter in Hong Kong Science Park. Ever since its establishment, Hong Kong Science Park has provided numerous technology start-ups and research institutes quality infrastructure and support facilities. It has also paid in great effort in promoting Hong Kongˇs latest role of international innovation and technology development centre.

Mike Fung, our companyˇs project consultant as well as representative has joined the celebration luncheon. Mr. Frederick Yung, the Senior Manager of Business Development & Incubation Support who had also attended the luncheon said, ¨Hong Kong RFID Ltd is one of the most innovative companies in the park. I am glad that HKRFID and the Park itself can induce synergy effects in technology promotion, innovation and implementation of RFID technology.〃 He also praised us for our hard work in cultivating RFID technology.

Mr. Craig Jo, Business Development Director of Hong Kong RFID Ltd, also joined the inauguration and ribbon cutting ceremony of the ¨Technology Hall of Fame〃 Tenantsˇ Showcase at the ground floor of the core building of Science Park, which was held after the luncheon.

We wish the park every success in the upcoming years and hope that we continue our close relation in future business and technology opportunities.

(Photo Album from HKSTP)


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