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Successful Conclusion of the ICT Expo Further Insights and Success


April, 2007

It has been the consecutive year that Hong Kong RFID participated in the internationally attention-gained International ICT Expo 2007 (International Information and Communications Technology Expo) held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in April 2007.

The ICT Expo is a global platform for international companies and buyers to establish partnership, explore business opportunities and more importantly, gain insights into the latest technology advancement. There’re around 30,000 visitors from all over the world visiting the ICT within just a short period this year. Notably, thereˇre growing visitors from emerging countries like China, Southeast Asia, India, Russia and Central & Eastern Europe. ICT Expo is the best place for Chinese companies to access the world market, and for international companies to link up with Chinese product and service providers.

Hong Kong RFID demonstrated the hottest RFID systems on different applications, especially the Jewellery Management, Active Solution, RFID middleware technology and various kinds of RFID hardware. We received enormous number of visitors’ attention and concern, which showed the growing importance of RFID technology in the world. Moreover, their enquiries not only focused on Supply Chain Management, but also on various fields. So versatile is RFID technology that it is increasingly and prevalently applied to other different usages than before.

Hong Kong RFID’s satisfying achievement made in the ICT Expo has successfully helped the development of the RFID technology. We strive to stay at the edge and provide clients and the industry with the high-quality and customized RFID equipments and solutions.


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