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New Logo and Marketing Material of Hong Kong RFID


April, 2007

We are pleased to announce that Hong Kong RFID Limited has updated and decides to bring a fresh image. Hong Kong RFID Limited has changed with a new logo to bring a sense of professional and innovative. Meanwhile, the previous logo is keeping and is co-existed with the new one. Novelty and convention are not necessary contradict as some good things of foundation can be preserved. Besides, Company website is also updated to be more user-friendly. We have consulted with an experienced design house to pay much effort on our new image. Framework is structured so that product information is easily to be located. We ensure that our latest products and the information of our products have been posted on our website in coming future.

Sales materials are modified and restructured; so that information and features demonstrate clearly, at the same time, the fascinating and charming image can be nurtured. We would provide various products to fulfill different interests. Despite we are changing in different features, our company missions that focus on applying and promoting the use of RFID technology to improve our living standard are retained. Enjoy your tranquil technology procurement here! We would sincerely invite any interest parties to visit our website. To know more about our company development, please get in our latest news.


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