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Being Invited as a Judge in Youth Entrepreneurs’ Challenge – YDC E-Challenge 2007


March, 2007

Our Business Director, Mr. Craig Jo, is honor to be invited to be one of the judges in YDC E-Challenge 2007. This was the second time for Mr. Craig Jo, to be a judge for this respectable activity. Members of the venture community, including triumphant entrepreneurs, business enterprise capitalists, and other professionals will assess and judge the executive summaries and business plans. Judges are responsible for weighing up the plans in terms of the likelihood of the plans to become an actual practical business, the potential financial returns the business can generate, as well as business communication skills for oral and written presentation. Each successful entrepreneur should think out business strategy, develop technological innovation, give a reasonable financial analysis, and execute the plan. Mr. Craig Jo shows his admiration to the participants’ pioneering ideas and meticulous planning. Since most participants are capable and excellent, all judges are qualified to be precise, foresighted and solemn for the judgment.

The Youth Entrepreneurs Development Council Entrepreneurs’ Challenge (YDC E-Challenge), a business plan competition open to all tertiary students in Hong Kong, has been annually organized by Young Entrepreneurs Development Council (EDC) in collaboration with Stanford University since 2000. The competition is designed to provide university students with exposure to the entrepreneurial community and skills required to facilitate an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset. Established in 1998, YDC is a private, non-profit and non-partisan organization that seeks to cultivate entrepreneurial and leadership qualities and skills in Hong Kong, particularly among young people.


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