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Hong Kong RFID was Invited to attend an video interview by Hong Kong Trade Development Council


September, 2006

Our Business Director, Mr. Craig Jo, is invited to assist Hong Kong Trade Development Council to promote the promotion of the new technology—RFID. During the interview, he pointed out the concern and the expectation from the RFID industry in Hong Kong. In order to contribute to local RFID technological development, Mr. Jo shared lots of the introduction of RFID in the video. He introduced this new technology and point out that the RFID technology is now applying into our usual activities such as using the octopus, electronic certificate. The tendency of using RFID is getting popular. One of the worldˉs largest retailers, Walmart, even request its partners to use this new technology in inventory management. Apart from the inventory management, Mr. Craig Jo also showed us the other applications of RFID such as laundry process, documents management, transportation management and the customer relationship management. The Jewelry system is another high potential application. He demonstrated and told to us the principle in Jewelry management, record under excellent RFID technology.

Mr. Craig Jo also shared us his experiences in operating in the major projects with RFID, including the worldˇs first RFID application in exhibition and the luggage management in Hong Kong International Airport. The implementations help to promote the RFID into society and finally improve our living standards. Eventually, Mr. Craig Jo indicated to us that if most industries and local authority can work together in the RFID development, the RFID industry would be prosper in the near future.


To watch the interview, you can click the following links

English Version

Cantonese Version


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