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Hong Kong RFID works with IFC on Manflow Management


February, 2006

International Finance Centre (IFC), a world-renowned building in the centre of Hong Kong, adopted the RFID technology to manage the busy traffic of people in the 88-storey skyscraper.

Hong Kong RFID has won the tender for the project to install RFID system Two IFC. The system uses passive RFID tags and RFID readers to manage the access of people in and out the building. The property management company of IFC acknowledges the benefits of using RFID in the system. It allows an easy and effective manflow control in the building where security is one of the critical issue. Also, it will not create any disturbance to the visitors because of the longer reading range of the RFID tags. The project is cost effective too as the passive RFID tags are used.

To test and implement the project is not simple. It involves many on site testing which requires special equipment. Thanks to our Project Engineer, Mr. Sun Wong, the installation is completed without affecting the interior design and the visitors largely. He said ,” This project is a good start to apply the RFID technology into other industry besides logistics.”



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