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Successful Conclusion of the ICT Expo


April, 2005

The ICT Expo 2005 has finally come to an end. As the RFID technology is catching more attentions from the general public, we have received a fruitful number of inquires for the applicational aspect of the technology. Discussions were made with buyers from different industries ranging from the manufacturing, logistics, electronics, textile and garment industry, to the IT solution developers, public transportation corporations, government departments and educational institutions. By introducing our complete solutions of the RFID systems, we are pleased to have acquired new projects on the site. We have had discussions with Government departments on the strategic development of RFID technology in the future. It is our pleasure to be invited as a guest speaker in upcoming government seminars.

Our satisfying achievements made in the Expo have successfully helped the development of the RFID technology to various industries in the region. Listed, in alphabetical order, are the solution partners that has kindly helped and supported us in the Expo, and we would like to express our grateful thanks to them:

Advanced Card Systems (ACS)
Cathexis Innovations
EPCglobal Hong Kong
Omron Electronics (H.K.)
Persistent Systems
Shenzhen FTRD
Zebra Technologies


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