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Hong Kong RFID has signed a partnership agreement with Shenzhen FTRD


April, 2005

Hong Kong RFID Ltd have signed a strategic partnership with Shenzhen FTRD Industry Co. Ltd in April 2005. We have agreed to share promotional resources, research and technical informations ( except for confidential information of thrid parties), engineering efforts and sourcing channels with each other. With both parties having connections and local backgrounds in HongKong and ShenZheng, the partnership will surely catalyse the development of RFID technology in the region, bringing about a wider range of prodcts and services to better suit our customers’ needs.

Shenzhen FTRD Industry Co., Ltd is a Hi-Tech professional company dealing with RFID technology and products study including development and promotion. With its main office in China, FTRD has set up a world wide strategy beginning from establishing good interacting relations with world leaders in RFID field in USA and Europe. Their goal is to perfectly combine the actual conditions of China with the mature applications of RFID technology in developed countries, to provide various solutions applied in different applications, operations, security and management systems for enterprises in different industrial fields.


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